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Waimakariri irrigator appeals for biodiversity funding support

In a presentation to Waimakariri Zone committee members this week, representatives from Waimakariri Irrigation Limited signalled the need for biodivsety funds to match ‘traction’ on the ground.


Earlier this year the company revealed its Burgess Stream biodiversity project was focused on 1600 hectares of shareholder land in the Old Eyre River catchment, and within it 6.3 hectares was considered suitable for riparian planting and wetland restoration.


In an update to Zone members, WIL representatives shared a renewed project focus.


WIL consultant Dan Cameron says two hectares of land that includes a significant waterway, spring heads and evidence of indigenous vegetation in the soil is where their efforts are now focused..

"This project is about enabling these farmers to be proactive and be better custodians of the land. If we can show them the way forward and involve other stakeholders then we're pulling all the elements together successfully."


Last week a University of Canterbury Ecologist visited the site to put monitoring in place and advise on suitable plant types.


Environmental consultant for the company, Paul Reese says there's a lot of traction on the ground with farmers and we want to capitalise on that.


"We've identified a small manageable area and with farmers support, we would like help from Immediate Steps Funding ($40,000) to make this happen."


Dan Cameron says projects like this are complex and encouraged Zone members to support it. “We’re reaching out now”.


The company plans to apply for ISF through Environment Canterbury and hopes the project meets the criteria.