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Oxford dairy farmer Cameron Henderson says technology helps farmers run successful businesses.

Technology provides social and environmental benefits

Advances in technology have improved farming practices while also helping farmers maintain social connections, says Oxford dairy farmer Cameron Henderson.

Cameron milks 720 cows on a 240-hectare farm, and leases a further 200 hectares, to support his and neighbouring dairy farms.

Growing up in the farming industry, Cameron has witnessed huge changes in technology, including tools for monitoring soil moisture levels, which give farmers the ability to accurately manage their irrigation. 

“It adds a lot of value both economically and environmentally.”

Digital monitoring systems are placed throughout the farm to monitor soil moisture, water use and weather patterns while storing that information in an online database.

Reliable data systems are becoming increasingly important on a farm, he adds.

“Technology has developed rapidly over the last few years and we’ve tried to incorporate as much as possible since we began farming.

“Over the last 10 years, nearly all the technology we’ve added to farms has an online component. This helps us manage the large amounts of data generated and makes it easier to monitor and make good decisions.”

With increasing levels of regulation and compliance, Cameron says it is vital for farmers to accurately monitor and record environmental factors to prove that they’re meeting regulations. 

“It’s important to have the facts to show you are doing the right thing and this isn’t possible to manage without technology.”

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