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Swimmers making a splash

North Canterbury secondary school swimmers were making a splash in the pool at the Canterbury Secondary Schools 2021 Swimming Championships.

Cassie Taylor topped the podium in the 16-18 girls 50m butterfly, representing Rangiora High School.  Also on the podium were Seth Green, Kaiapoi High School, who finished second in the 12-13 boys 50m freestyle, Jorja Stott, Rangiora High School, second in the 14girls 50m freestyle, and Mason Jenkins, Rangiora High School, second in the 16-18 boys 50m butterfly.

Top 10 results:
Cassie Taylor (RHS) 16-18girls 50m butterfly 1st
Seth Green (KHS) 12-13boys 50m freestyle 2nd
Jorja Stott (RHS) 14girls 50m freestyle 2nd
Mason Jenkins (RHS) 16-18boys 50m butterfly 2nd
, open boys 100m breaststroke 10th
Kieran Thornton (RHS) 15boys 50m backstroke 4th, open boys 200m freestyle 10th
Noemie Savry (RHS) 16-18girls 50m backstroke 5th, open girls 100m backstroke 9th
Thomas Summerfield (RHS) 14boys 50m freestyle 5th
Talisker Dougan (RNLS) 15boys 50m breaststroke 5th
Eloise Savry (RHS) 15girls 50m breaststroke 6th
Luke Chisnall (Hurunui College) 14boys 50m freestyle 6th
Laura Cundy (Amuri Area) 14girls 50m butterfly 6th
Daisy Little (KHS) 12-13girls 50m freesyle 7th
Maisy Eder (RHS) 12-13girls 50m backstroke 7th
Becky Minson (Amuri Area) 14girls 50m backstroke 7th
Bob Thompson (Amuri Area) 12-13boys 50m breaststroke 7th
Isla Blomfield (Amuri Area) 14girls 50m freestyle 8th
Phoebe Chatterton (RHS) 12-13girls 50m freestyle 8th
Jordan van Schalkwyk (RNLS) 12-13boys 50m breaststroke 8th, open boys 200m IM 10th
Taylor Potter (KHS) 12-13boys 50m backstroke 8th
William Marquet (RHS) 15boys 50m butterfly 8th, open boys 200m IM 9th
Amuri Area 14girls 200m freestyle relay 6th
Rangiora High School open girls 200m medley relay 7th
Amuri Area open girls 200m medley relay 9th

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