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Pegasus parkrun 241 run report

A busy morning at Pegasus saw a pleasingly higher than average 107 parkmates complete the circuit (We're sitting just under 68 per week) including our two newbies, Carlos COWIE and Diane CRAWSHAW. We also had 11 wonderful visitors: Mike CLARK, Alistair MCALEVEY, Nick HYDE, Julian ADAMSON, Stephen GRAHAM, Andrew DURRAN, Ralph PAIN, Anna PUTU, Rosie HAY, Deborah ASHLEY and Clare PAIN.

A stunning morning gave us a delightful day for a moments silence for ANZAC day and for the parkrun and your joy at this was suitably captured in some fantastic photographs.

Our most seasoned parkthletes were Marylyn TRATHEN and Geoff MCMILLAN who notched up their 232nd and 228th result respectively.
Bagging the right for new milestone t-shirts this week were Emelia Coster, wrapping up a white 10; Joshua SMITH and Albert COUPERUS racking up Red 50 and bagging a Black 100 was Kelly LAVALLEY.

PB was proudly placed after the following names today: Anthea KANE, Anthony BURGESS, Benjamin BRADY, Darren WATTS, Dave MARSH, David RICE, Fiona RICE, Giles WITTt, Greg BENNETT, Harry WITT, Luke WITTEMAN, Mike GIBSON, Robert TEMPLER, Sarah WILSON, William JENKINSON and Xavier LAVALLEY. Congratulations all!!

On the virtual podiums this week were:
Top ladies: Rosie HAY, Haven DRINNAN and Libica (Libby) HURLEY
Top gentlemen: Alex WITT (for the 8th time), John Marshall and Stacey Carrot
Top Juniors: Harry WITT, Giles WITT and Haven DRINNAN

Our only Unknown appeared at slot 43. #DFYB

Also: Please listen carefully to the run briefing, pay attention and avoid talking during this time. You may know the run brief but others might not. 
As more people come to Pegasus, some of them quite speedy, our benchmark for the 500 Hall of Fame gets a little bit more stretching and the entry level is now sub 23:30.

Our lists aren’t just about time. We do also have a Hall of Fame for the Top 1000 Age graded parkmates and the entry level for that is now sitting at 54.82%
We’ve had just under 2000 parkthletes here at Pegasus so about half of you are on that list.

This week’s top age grades were:
Women: Rosie HAY, Robyn DALY and Lynnley DRIVER
Men: John MARSHALL, Brian LAW and Stacey CARROT

Occupying position 24 today was SW25-29 Libby HURLEY, who joined us just before Christmas last year and has done all 10 of her runs here at Pegasus. Libby has shown consistent improvement and has tuned her time down to just over 23 minutes having started out at 27:32 on her first run and has notched up seven PB runs en route to today.

Meanwhile further down the list at 41 we find VM45-49 Brendan CHURCH who has recorded five results here from his 104 parkruns. He's had a hat-trick at Foster, a single at Paradise Point and 95 runs at neighbouring Hagley. He's notched up a few volunteer stints as diverse as Marshal, Timekeeper and Photographer.
Did you know that on average, our parkthletes run about eight events each here whilst our volunteers do an average of 10 stints?

There’s plenty of volunteering opportunities coming up, at least six slots next week and the great news is that volunteer t-shirts will be available for the same milestones as running from September. Nothing however, beats that first aubergine when you’ve racked up 25. Will you be one of the one in nine parkmates who volunteers? Do join in. Full training, a warm welcome and lots of gratitude awaits.

A big thank-you to this week’s volunteers: John KERRISON, Geoff MCMILLAN, Elodie DE LAPEYRE,  Leigh HAMILTON, Vanessa NELMES, Kerry 'Kevin' JENKINSON, Jackie HANCOCK, Claire HANSEN, David WILMOTT,  Debbie WILSON, Mark WILLIAMSON, Chris VAN DER LEER, and Trudy DIGGS.

For parkrun it feels like spring is approaching. Last week saw our highest post Covid attendance with over 60,000 parkmates taking part in 597 parkruns. Almost 30 more junior events will re-start this weekend and we now have our wonderful Saturday morning back up and running in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Japan, The Falkland Islands, Guernsey and Jersey (Channel Islands between UK and France) (not) parkrun is keeping many parkthletes occupied across the planet. Last week Worldwide 14315 parkrunners recorded 27275 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 35:45

Coming soon: May 4 is often known as ‘Star Wars Day’. It is jokingly said: "May the 4th be with you", in reference to the popular phrase in Star Wars: "May the Force be with you." Is this too geeky? Yes, but it is awesome! To celebrate we’ll be having a Star Wars themed run on 8-May – Empire or Rebel Alliance dress up encouraged, you might be Smokin’ Hot or you could just Chewbacca!

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