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May the force be with you

TechMedics translates IT jargon into next-level solutions.

Its owner, Aaron Lovelace, is the heartbeat of this IT technical support centre. He moved from Christchurch to Kaiapoi following the 2011 earthquake and fell in love with the area. He now services home users and small to medium businesses in the Waimakariri region from TechMedic’s base at 60 Hilton Street, in Kaiapoi. 

Transformative technology

TechMedics is worth a visit on so many levels. Because a conversation with Aaron can transform the way technology in the home and business is done in terms of data security, data storage, technical support and cutting edge developments. One of those developments includes another business arm – 3D Labs [thermo plastic engineering].

TechMedics is the Australasian distributor for Heimdal – the online protection chosen by the FBI, Europol, and the Bank of Scotland. It is also a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, in addition to being a ISP Internet Service Provider for Tecknet, ADSL VDSL, and Fibre Connections.

Knowledge and know-how

The business is anchored by Aaron and the employee he cherry-picked for her talent, Cheryl Meadows. Between them they share more than 50 years of technical software experience. 

It means that TechMedics has the ability to custom design and build PC solutions for homes and businesses, including laptops and BYODs (Bring Your Own Device) for school.

The business description reads as many managed IT service providers do – with laptop/computer services, web hosting, data back-up and recovery, Office 365 management, console repairs, hardware and software, a helpdesk, and remote desktop support. 

The point of difference is Aaron and Cheryl are driven by their genuine care for their customers.  

Local off-site storage 

Another technical king-hitter is that TechMedics offers its private home users, and local businesses more than 70 Terabytes of storage through 10 servers at its Kaiapoi hub – for secure off-site back-up.

“It’s local. You know where it is, and we back that whole machine up to a data centre in Auckland, which, in turn backs up somewhere else. 

“Many of the online systems state in their conditions that they will take full care, but no responsibility. We take full responsibility.”

“Technicare” package

Late in 2019 TechMedics launched “Technicare”. Tailored for small to medium businesses, customers buy a monthly care package, which includes computer back-up, maintenance, security, and break-fix support for a flat (no nasty surprise) fee. 

Aaron said, “It’s all about supplying businesses with the support they need because people often don’t want to deal with either technical dramas or keeping up with new technology. 

“They want to open their computers, and focus on running their business.”

TechMedics services Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Oxford, Woodend, Loburn, Amberley, Waipara and the wider Waimakariri district.

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