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Waimakariri News

This is a repository of articles first published by the Waimak App


Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC) is applying to the Lottery Significant Projects Fund in a bid to secure the $3m needed to complete the multiday cycle trail ‘Wheels to Waipara'. The scenic trail would take cyclists on a series of off-road routes from central Christchurch via New Brighton and Bottle Lake Forest, across the Waimakariri Bridge and through North Canterbury to the Waipara wine region.

Aaron Lovelace with some examples of 3D printed items

TechMedics translates IT jargon into next-level solutions. Its owner, Aaron Lovelace, is the heartbeat of this IT technical support centre. He moved from Christchurch to Kaiapoi following the 2011 earthquake and fell in love with the area. He now services home users and small to medium businesses in the Waimakariri region from TechMedic’s base at 60 Hilton Street, in Kaiapoi.

Judith & Dennis Andreassend aboard the Kaiapoi River Queen

Stepping into another world is as easy as boarding Kaiapoi’s River Queen.


On December 1st 2019 we were fortunate enough to be invited to take part in the official launch of Kaiapoi Rescue, the Coast Guard North Canterbury’s new rescue vessel. The following is taken from the speech prepared by John Thompson, Vice President and SAR Manager


The late morning rain did not dampen the Christmas spirit in Kaiapoi, as people attended the 2019 Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival on Saturday 7 December.